Unsung Heroes: Teacher Appreciation Breakfast & Award Ceremony

In a world where celebrities and athletes are idealized, we recognize that there are many unsung heroes’ that work to better the world around them, with little thanks or appreciation. One group of individuals in particular are the selfless teachers who lead our youth each and every day. To help show appreciation and spread compassion for everything they do, our students chose to recognize them for all of their hard work and sacrifice. Fairview because I said I would Chapter students hosted and served an appreciation breakfast during a required staff in service day to honor the hardworking and dedicated teaching staff at Fairview High School. Students decorated the cafeteria with banners and signs, thanking them for their help and guidance both in and outside of the classroom. Students also created “parent teacher survivor kits” for teachers to use in their upcoming meetings. These included items such as post it notes, snacks and more. Students also nominated one teacher from each grade to be recognized as the unsung hero of their grade, and these teachers were recognized publicly at the breakfast by students. Each teacher was publicly thanked, and given a thank you card with messages from students and a student created physical award! Students then spent the rest of the morning assisting teachers with their in service staff day, since they were moving classrooms due to construction at the school. A big thank you to all our volunteers and the amazing teachers at Fairview High School.